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We Are Blessed To Have Both The Torah And The Messiah!
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  Listening to these messages will cause you to abandon any pagan beliefs you might hold.

1 Thes 5:21 "Prove all things, hold fast that which is good!"
Our Staff

Keep The Sabbath has no paid positions. All work is donated, no monetary compensation is received. We follow the example of Paul and support ourselves so that the Gospel can be preached for free.

Mark Carr has been our Pastor since 1988. He is a fourth generation Sabbath keeper. Mark is also a co-founder of Return To Torah Ministries; editor of the Simple Truth and frequent guest of Dr. Kelley's Wellness Hour radio show. In the past he served for seven years as a chaplain for the Knox County Jail; was co-host of our daily radio show; and co-editor for The Jerusalem Sentinel. He is the author of many published articles and booklets.

Armando Arroyo is a faithful longtime member and is in charge of the music service.

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